The Evolving Self Method™

The premier modality for growth, transformation and breakthrough.

What is The Evolving Self Method (TESM)?

TESM is a transformational process whose design is informed by molecular neurobiology as well as the psychology of human potential. 

TESM applies the neuroscience of transformation to help individuals transform their personal, professional and relationship challenges, be they emotional or situational, for renewal and growth. Working with the nonconscious, neurobiological processes for adaptive learning, TESM fundamentally reshapes the individual and effortlessly expands their way of being as well as how they experience life. When we consider how our perceptions determine our feelings, behaviors and actions, the significance of adaptive learning becomes clear.

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What is The Evolving Self Method for?

The purpose of TESM is to catalyze deep transformation in individuals, regardless of their circumstances or background. 


TESM has a broad spectrum in its application. For example, it can help leaders become aware of and shift unconscious and problematic assumptions, and TESM can also help individuals heal and transform stubborn, complex traumas. Those who have benefitted from TESM have experienced breakthroughs which have resulted in deeper presence in uncertainty, effortless self-worth, cessation of emotional symptoms, greater inner-peace, and more agency and fulfilment in relationships, work and their inner-lives. With its underpinnings in neurobiology and developmental psychology, TESM offers an efficient route for growth, healing and transformation.

How Does The Evolving Self Method work?

The TESM approach acknowledges the universal human desire to realize our potential and live a meaningful, fulfilling life. TESM practitioners also acknowledge that sometimes unexplained tendencies get in the way of our better intentions and potential to grow. By clearly identifying those unwanted tendencies and successfully addressing the patterns of thoughts and feelings which fuel them, TESM enables both growth and healing. Such patterns are almost always nonconscious and often stem from past events and challenges, cultural conditioning and traumatic experiences. A typical TESM session creates the conditions for a profoundly transformational experience which results in a powerful breakthrough.

To enable and catalyze change, the TESM practitioner uncovers the subtle, nonconscious patterns of perception in order to shift the longstanding neuronal correlates which are at the root of all unhelpful and unwanted ways of being. By applying the neuroscience of transformation, TESM can clear unwanted emotional triggers which limit the experience of life as well as individual agency. TESM is also effective at resolving lifelong challenges which previously seemed intractable.

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Where has the method been applied?

TESM has been successfully applied in a wide spectrum of challenges, from healing the traumatic impact of past adversity to helping leaders expand their awareness amidst complexity, from strengthening self-esteem to interpersonal effectiveness, from eliminating self-defeating patterns to increasing creativity, from resolving insecurities in relationships to increasing individual agency, from supporting personal and spiritual growth to ameliorating chronic stress and burnout, from establishing an embodied integrity to eliminating unhealthy behaviors like perfectionism, people-pleasing and defensiveness, etc. 


Such a wide scope for application is possible because TESM is designed to elicit the nonconscious roots of any and all unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, and reconstitute the neuronal foundations for enduring change. TESM has also been applied to alleviate and in some cases eliminate the symptoms of issues categorized as disorders in conventional medicine, such as bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety and PTSD.