I'm imagining that..

You might be here because you've hit some major limits and you
want a break through.

Or you might be here because you want to embody your agency,
passion and authenticity more powerfully.

You could be here because you want to bring your ideas and
creativity to a bigger arena, and you're scared. 

Perhaps you're someone who's ready to make your unique
contribution to the world.

You might even be an executive coach or a therapist who wants
to harness the transformative power of neuroscience.

Johnny Singh is a pioneer in Applied Neuroplasticity, and facilitates leaders, groups and individuals for growth, transformation and breakthrough.

In a world that continues to get more complex and often demands more than what we can muster, many of us are being moved to deepen our capacity for calm presence under pressure, for skillfulness, compassion and authenticity in our relationships - whether it's in the workplace, in our communities or simply in our self-expression.


It's up to each one of us to break through the inner and outer limits, and harness the power of transformation for the benefit of all.


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The Evolving Self Method™

The next generation body-mind process helping individuals breakthrough the most intractable challenges and access their deeper potentials. Read more.

What is the courageous risk that you must take for what matters most to you?

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The Neuroscience of Transformation 
A Potent Leap for Humanity

This essay is for therapists, coaches, counselors and anyone who wants to know about the groundbreaking findings from molecular neurobiology and why it is poised to become a game-changer for individual and societal change.

Testimonials & stories

Read what others have been saying..

Johnny is a grounded, attentive and supportive coach. He helped me breakthrough and transform how I think about my goals and aspirations, and how I will achieve them. I would highly recommend Johnny to anyone who is looking to see things from new perspectives

R. J. W.

CFO, Oil & Gas.


Who's Johnny?

Before consulting, teaching and coaching, Johnny served as an agent for creativity and change for 15 years, supporting organizations and leaders across higher education, manufacturing, public services and tech startups through organizational and technological innovations. 

For the last 10 years he has supported executives, fine artists as well as contemporary, post postmodern philosophers, unconventional educators, intrepid photographers, holistic health professionals, ethical fashion designers and soulful writers. Johnny has been trusted by many as a catalyst and guide for those going through life-changing experiences and transitions. He has helped people to tap their capacities to lead, create, relate and make their contributions to the world.


Johnny is the creator of Evolving Self Method™, one of the very few modalities on the planet specifically designed to consistently leverage neuroplasticity for rapid healing, growth and transformation. 

What Johnny wants you to know is that it is his mission to co-create new realities in which people are frequently moved by inspiration and motivated by a wise creativity that reflects and elevates the beauty and goodness of our human and more than human world.


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